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2012 Voodoo Jam Results

Congrats to Terry Adams for getting a podium spot in this year’s Voodoo Jam! Read more to check out the full press release, a video and some action shots by Fat Tony.

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Broc Raiford:
Bike Check

FRAME: Colony Teddy V2, 21″
FORK: Odyssey R32
BAR: S&M Hoder
GRIP: Flatware Cufflinks
STEM: Odyssey Tomahawk
HEADSET: Odyssey
TIRE (F): Odyssey Aitken, P-Lyte, 2.25″
RIM (F): G-Sport Rollcage
HUB (F): G-Sport Marmoset
TIRE (R): Odyssey Path, K-Lyte, 2.1″
RIM (R): G-Sport Rollcage
HUB (R): G-Sport Ratchet, 9T
HUB GUARD: G-Sport Ratchet Guard
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 175mm
PEDALS: Odyssey Twisted PC
SPROCKET: Colony 28T
CHAIN: Shadow Halflink
SEAT: Odyssey Aitken, Pivotal
SEAT-POST: Pivotal
SEAT-CLAMP: Integrated
PEGS: Odyssey Joystick

Aitken Pivotal Saddle
Aitken Tire, P-Lyte
Twisted PC Pedals
Thunderbolt Cranks
Tomahawk Stem
Flatware Cufflink Grips
G-Sport Marmoset Hub & Joysticks Peg
G-Sport Ratchet Guard and Joysticks Peg
R32 Forks running flush with our Joysticks peg

Broc stopped by the office recently to put together a slick new ride. He’s fully recovered from his injuries now so expect some great stuff from him soon!

In case you missed his last Colony edit, click HERE to watch it.
Thanks to Fat Tony for shooting these pics!

2012 Flatland Calendar

Terry Adams in July

Terry Adams in July

Fat Tony just wrapped up the 2012 Flatland Calendar. It’s available now and it’s completely FREE when you place an order with Flatland Fuel.

Matthias and Terry Update!

Matthias Dandois is currently visiting Terry Adams over in Hammond, Louisiana and it looks like they’re both having a blast. They posted a couple YouTube videos of them riding Terry’s indoor facility, The V Spot and you can check those out below. Fat Tony is also chilling with them at the moment so you can expect plenty more videos of the Flatware duo popping up on!

Make sure to follow ’em on Twitter to keep up!
@terryadamsbmx @matthiasdandois @fattonybmx

Matthias Dandois

Terry Adams

Behind the Photo:
Matthias Dandois

Fat Tony put together a behind the scene’s look of this year’s Flatland Calendar cover of Matthias Dandois. Click HERE to get the full scoop on this photo!

Go say hi to Matthias on the internet:

Terry Adams Update

Wallpaper Download from Photo by Fat Tony.

Ride BMX put up a handful of new wallpaper downloads this week and Terry Adams happens to be in one of them. They have it available for Standard and Widescreen monitors.

In other Terry Adams news, Red Bull’s Fight with Flight just wrapped up and you can check out his thoughts on it at! Overall, it seems like it was a really fun and exciting event. To keep up with Terry’s fast-paced schedule, follow him on Twitter and add him on Facebook!

Terry Adams’ Crib

This is rather amazing. Fat Tony from Ride BMX walks you through Terry Adams’ crib to give you a very thorough tour of his dialed house. The dance moves alone makes this video worth watching and there’s plenty of additional insightful clips and flatland links thrown in for good measure. Hit the full screen button and turn the HD on, you’re in for a treat. It’s kinda like a mix between a cloud and a muffin.

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Terry Adams wedding

The newly weds: Vannessa and Terry (Photos by Fat Tony)

No week is ever complete w/out a Terry Adams update. Last Friday, Terry tied the knot with Vannessa at the Louisiana Castle in Franklinton and is currently taking a couple weeks off for his honeymoon. Fat Tony sent us some pics from the wedding and you can check those out after the jump or over at his blog. Congrats Terry!!!

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Mike Aitken Fox benefit

Chase Hawk
Photo by Jeff Z. from

Jeff Z. just posted some great shots from Fox’s Mike Aitken benefit jam this weekend and Fat just posted a video edit of the riding that went on, along with some heart warming interviews from a handful of riders. Click HERE for the photo gallery and HERE for the video.

To keep up with the latest Mikey news, stay tuned at

A man. A plan. A canal. Panama!

Chase Gouin in Panama

In other flatland news, here’s a handful of photos from Fat Tony of Chase Gouin in Panama. There are more photos after the jump and leave palindromes in the comments.

We went to a tiny island of the north coast of Panama and Chase found a spot to shred. A bunch of village kids watched and Chase gave them Odyssey stickers. He even helped a kid in the jungle after the kid cut his foot on a broken Coke bottle. – Fat Tony

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