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Matthias photos by Jeremie

Photo by Jeremie Carrere

Looks like it’s going to be a flatland kind of day. Check out this rad photo of Matthias Dandois that Jeremie Carrere added to the Odyssey Flickr Group. If you guys are on there, make sure to hit us up and add us as a contact!

Chase Hawk photo…

This photo of Chase Hawk popped up on Flickr today and it’s crazy looking. Shot by Gregory R. Dickson, you can see it in full over at the Odyssey Flickr Group. If you’re wondering about the wheels he’s rolling in the photo, it’s these guys.

Flickr Group Picks

Mike G.
Mike Gonzalez is on our team as a ‘racer’ but he can definitely do
a lot more than just gate starts and sprints. Photo by rilabetes.

Here’s another set of great photos from our Flickr group. Thanks to everyone who keeps contributing to it. Keep it up!

There’s officially 3 days left to our Sticker Contest but if it’s a good entry, we may let some stragglers creep in over the weekend. We’ll announce the winner on Monday.

Outside of Flickr, we geek out on these internet hang-outs too: MySpace, VitalBMX and Facebook.

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