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Gary Young = Legend and shredder of all.

When it comes to grips, Gary has very particular ideas and preferences. Click play to find out the details on Gary’s new grip from the man himself and to watch some great riding. Enjoy!

Gary Young 2 Grips are available now in Black, Red, Royal Blue and Tan/Black Swirl.

Music: Shatner Mask by Demoni
Find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reverbnation and Band Camp.

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Gary Young:
Bike Check

Vital BMX has a sweet new video up of Gary flowing a bowl like nobody’s business and giving us a quick run down of his new bike.

Gary Young 2 Grip:
Available Now

Gary Young 2 Grip

The second version of Gary Young’s signature grips features an updated take on Gary’s preferred grip shape. Thin on the sides, thicker in the middle for comfy hand feel. Par Ends included.

Available now in Black, Black/Tan Swirl, Royal Blue and Red. Hit up your local bike shops or favorite mail order to get yourself a pair.

Click below for a detail shot then go HERE to marvel in Gary’s bad-assery.

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