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The gold wheels belong to…

FRAME: Giant Method Team, 21″
FORK: Odyssey Director
BARS: Odyssey Lumberjack
STEM: Odyssey Elementary V3
SPROCKET: T-1, 28t
CABLE: Odyssey Linear
BRAKE: Odyssey Evo II
LEVER: Odyssey Monolever, Medium
SEAT: Odyssey Aitken pivotal, Prototype
POST: pivotal
CRANKS: Odyssey Twombolt, 180mm
PEDALS: Odyssey JCPC, Prototype
REAR HUB: G-Sport Ratchet
FRONT HUB: G-Sport Marmoset
SPOKES: Odyssey Aftermarket Straight Guage (gold)
RIMS: Odyssey Hazard Lites (gold HARD anodized)
FRONT TIRE: Odyssey Aitken, Plyte, 2.25″
REAR TIRE: Odyssey Path, 2.1″
CHAIN: Shadow Conspiracy
GRIPS: Odyssey Grizwald
MODS: Barrel adjuster thingy

…Taj Mihelich. He sent over a handful of pics and you can check them out in the flipbook above.

Some people also guessed they belonged to b_dubbs and they would’ve been correct as well. Click HERE for a gold compilation he put together prior to us sending out the wheels.

iPedals and Griswald Grips are here!

Griswald Grips and Twisted PC Pedals are now available in the following clear colors:

» Strawberry
» Tangerine
» Graphite
» Blueberry
» Lime
» Grape

The long awaited iPedals and Griswald Grips are finally in the states, and should be available within a few weeks at local shops and mail-orders. If you get one, make sure to get the other. They match up perfectly, right down to the white bar-ends and end-caps.

Griswald Grips are in!

Click below to check out a pic of the new Griswald grips, which are available now. These are comfy, and the grip of choice for my bmx. Jim Cielencki had a pair of these on his bike at last years interbike in case they look familiar.

Available in black, with the others coming soon.

Contact your local shop or mailorder for more info.

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