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Matthias Dandois:
Slooooowww Mo

This is awesome. Hadrien Picard got a new toy (Sony FS700) to play with and he teamed up with Matthias to bang out this quick video. Watching flatland in super slow-mo like this is real interesting in the sense that it really captures the technique for each trick and link. It enhances all the subtle weight shifts and hand/foot placements and gives a better understanding of how that stuff is done.

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Matthias Dandois:
Winter in France

Matthias does a lot of creative stuff in this video and the last trick will leave you scratching your head, trying to figure out what just happened. Filmed this past winter by Hadrien Picard, the video documents Matthias’ escape from the cold winters in France and the progression of his street-flat blend of riding.

To learn more, check out this behind the scenes interview from Redbull. You can read it in French or English (loosely translated by Google).

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Flatland & Street


It was inevitable, using the same environment, flat and street would connect one day and create a new evolution (a revolution ?) of bmx riding. After legends like Dave Voelker, Paul Osicka, Chad De Groot, Akira Okamura or even Steve Hamilton for his nosemanual, the world best flatlander Matthias Dandois wanted to explore new horizons and transfer his incredible skills to the streets, creating a new style of riding. Close witness of this, we (soulbmxmag) wanted to associate the other french bmx genius Florent Soulas, and Guillaume Le Goff (aka libellule) a super tech back wheel street rider from paris to make an article in soul #72 where the guys explain this new thing and also in this beautiful (i think) video from our unique Hadrien Picard who is showing the hard working and talented french connection in some incredible and never seen moves.

No More Frontier

Here’s an amazing new edit of Matthias Dandois strolling through Paris and merging flatland with street and park.

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