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Terry Adams:
SLU Oak Tree Session

Our Flatware team has been killing it lately. Here’s Terry Adams‘ latest video and in it he stomps a few new links and combos.

Terry rides the new Waltz frame, Hobby bars and pretty much all our other Flatware components.

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Louisiana Snapshots

We spent a good portion of this past month in Louisiana and hung out with Aaron, Terry and Broc. Between the four of us, we snapped a bunch of photos. Here’s a little compilation of some of our favorite snapshots, along with a handful of new ones.

Terry Adams = Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@terryadamsbmx)
Aaron Ross = Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@theaaronross)
Broc Raiford = Twitter and Instagram (@brocafloka)

Aaron & Terry in Hammond, LA

We’re currently in Terry’s hometown filming and hanging out with these two. Here’s a quick snapshot from lunch yesterday. That sign is legit!

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