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Hard Anodized Red Wheels

Our 24″ Hazard Lite complete wheels are now available in Hard Anodized Red. You can get a front wheel laced to our Vandero 2 hub or a rear wheel laced to our V3 Cassette. These are available now so hit up your local shops or mail-orders to upgrade your 24″ cruiser!

20″ sizes will be available soon.

Blue & Red Hazard Lites

We just stocked up on our Hazard Lites in Hard Anodized Blue and Hard Anodized Red. Contact your shops and mail-orders to get rolling on these rims!

Rib and Roll



GSport Rollcage
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We have a lot of new rims available in various colors for all of your shredding and color-coordinating needs. The top of the line Ribcage rim is now available in the following hard-anodized, brake-friendly colors: red, blue, gold and black. In the Rollcage front, new colors include Fluorescent Pink, Ocean Blue, hard-anodized gold and hard-anodized blue.

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Do you like apples?

We just built up a custom wheelset for Chase Hawk and they’re laced up with a couple of our new products; hard anodized Hazard Lite rims and electroplated spokes.

We’re not selling these as complete wheelsets but you can buy just about everything on them separately, with the exception of the nipples. When the G-Sport Taper Hex Nipples come out, they’ll be available in this color.

Well, how do you like them apples?!

Chase Hawk’s new CUSTOM wheels (sold seperately, not available as completes): hard anodized Hazard Lite rims and electroplated spokes.

Red Hard Anodized Rims

Red Anodized Rims - Available Now!

You may remember these Hazard Lite rims from Chase Hawk’s bike check in March or Jim Bauer’s bike check in June. We have them in stock now, so hit up your shops and roll on some red.

Also, keep in mind that these are hard anodized rims, which means they wont flake or wear easily if you’re running brakes.

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