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What the hell is a Hidden Headset?

*This article first appeared in Ride UK (#73) and is reproduced here by kind permission of Ride UK.

What the hell is a Hidden Headset?
Good question. And surprisingly hard to answer.

Fifteen years go when I became a born-again BMXer, headsets were utter utter shite. You had two choices, a Tioga Beartrap in a size that fitted, or a Tioga beartrap in a size that didn’t fit. These were all one inch threaded headsets but for some reason there were several sizes to choose from, getting the right one was always a pain. Once you had your headset fitted you then spent most of your time tightening it. After every ride it was loose, shit, it was probably loose five minutes after you started riding. This was only 1988 but headsets were working on technology from 1888, or rather NOT working on technology from 1888.

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