News House Check

Tom Dugan House Check

Tom Dugan lives in a fun house. Take the tour over at ESPN.

Chase Hawk’s apartment

Chase Hawk moved into his own place not too long ago and his apartment looks pretty dope. From giant video game rooms to rooftop pools, ESPN walks you through it. Click HERE to check it out.

Aaron Ross House Check

Aaron bought a new house not too long ago and it’s looking dialed. He loves his bikes and Rudy’s so it’s a safe bet that he’s well stocked up on both. Click HERE to see how he’s living.

Terry Adams’ Crib

This is rather amazing. Fat Tony from Ride BMX walks you through Terry Adams’ crib to give you a very thorough tour of his dialed house. The dance moves alone makes this video worth watching and there’s plenty of additional insightful clips and flatland links thrown in for good measure. Hit the full screen button and turn the HD on, you’re in for a treat. It’s kinda like a mix between a cloud and a muffin.

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