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How to 360 Fakie with Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross walks you through the steps of firing out a 360 fakie.
Watch and then learn, young grass bunny hopper.

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Crankslide How-To with JC

Crankslides with Jim C. from Sunday Bikes

Ever wanted to learn the trick on how to lock in on a solid crankslide? Well, now you can and Jim Cielencki will walk you through. Hit up the Sunday site for an even more detailed explanation.

Oh and is that red curved thing supposed to be a hotdog?!

How-To’s with Jim Bauer

Bike maintenance with Jim Bauer

Ride BMX has a couple video how-to’s with Mr. Jim Bauer. The first one is how-to install a bottom bracket and the other one is for our Odyssey Twombolts (embedded after the jump). If you’re looking for a printable version, click HERE.

Oh and if you want to get a little bit more info about that Terry Adams cover shoot we posted yesterday, there’s a Q&A over at the ESPN site.

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