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Here’s an easy contest for you guys to win $75 to spend on our online store. If you own our Antigram hub, simply take a picture and post it on Instagram with the tag #ANTIGRAM.

Even though it doesn’t sound as catchy, Twitter users can Tweet their Antigrams too!

Contest ends December 31st, 2012.

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Palm Springs MMXII

Everybody on the team received bags filled with goodies
Palm trees in Palm Springs
Broc hooked up Dugan & Terry with a couple portraits
The backyard was the perfect spot for hanging out
All of our instagrams made it obvious each time we drove past these things
Kings Rideshop Stop
Hoang compares his swollen hands and Eric compares his fingers
Terry skating & riding (in the) street
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Loading Up
The Odyssey House
Heath Pinter's trails were dialed
Palm Spring Quintin hats for the whole crew
Abandoned pool in the hills
No rear wheel? No problem.
The desert has some awesome clouds
Our team has a hefty sweet tooth

We have a HUGE team and at any given time during this trip, the chances were high that somebody had their phone out to capture some memories. Here’s a compilation of some of our favorite snapshots from the trip.

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