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Eight Quick ones for Bauer

Jim Bauer has a feature up on the iPath site. Check it out!

Jim Bauer Photo

iPath has a new website and they resurrected this wild photo of Jim Bauer jumping a chasm in Arizona. Make sure to note that he’s almost across the whole thing and he’s still fully tucked!

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photoshop’s archnemesis



This is our latest advert commemorating 41 Thermal’s 10 Year Anniversary. For this one, Jim Bauer dug deep into the photo archive and put together one hell of a Photoshop file. Many software crashes later and you get an Odyssey ad that’s filled to its edges with history. If you want to get a good look at all of them, open up the 1920×1200 wallpaper or pick up Ride BMX’s 157th issue.

Also, in other Jim Bauer news, he is now a member of iPath’s BMX team!