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Sacramento Halloween Jam!

If you live near Sacramento, CA and want to partake in some BMX / Halloween action, make sure to hit up this jam!

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D.S.B. Jam

We’re hooking up a jam this weekend and you guys should come out and join!

I’m having a jam in Astoria, Queens under the Triborough Bridge at the new Skate Plaza they build in, come threw to ride and chill! The setup is poppin aka mad shit to grind so yatusabe,save the date and tell all the homies about it! Be safe peoples… b.t.w the flick in the flyer was takin before they park was done, it has wayy more stuff.

Dah Streets



Odyssey will be sponsoring the Skogas Bmx Jam in Stockholm Sweden. Hit that up if possible.

Click below for the full flyer.

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