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Matthias Dandois:
Japan Trip

Matthias Dandois spent some time in Japan recently. He got 4th at the King of Ground contest, put together the edit above, did a BMX shop stop tour and got on national TV. The dude knows how to get things done!

On top of all that, he also sent us some pics of him rocking the new 85 Jersey we sent him!

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Painting with Terry:
Raffle Winner!

Well, here it is! Each dollar people donated to Japan was represented with one strip of paper with the donator’s name on it. We then took the names and dumped it into our incubator, turned on the fan and then plucked the winner from the swirl of paper. Today, Terry Adams announces the winner for the Painting with Terry Raffle!

A HUGE thanks goes out to everyone who donated and helped out with the relief effort. In the end, we ended up raising $2068! A huge shout out goes to KIPP school in LA for being the largest contributor.

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