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Bauer by Bancroft

Jim Bauer trail action courtesy of Steve Bancroft.

Travel Log:
New Mexico

Once upon a time in New Mexico, a handful of dudes in a giant van drove and flew thousands of miles in search of the perfect rail. With Jeff Z as the trusty tour guide, they discovered plenty of setups in a little sleepy town found in the state’s northern mountains. Justin Simpson, Gary Young, Sean Sexton and George Boyd were all aboard for the mission. Sean had the misfortune of piercing a giant hole in his knee within what was probably only 15 minutes of getting out of the van so he’s a little MIA in this video. Fortunately, our TM and all around shredder Jim Bauer was on hand to score some extra clips and annihilate the longest rail in sight. This is our latest ODSY Vision. Enjoy.

Make sure to pick up a copy of the latest Ride BMX to see even more photos and coverage.

Defgrip has a disposed gallery up as well that’s filled with behind the scene shots that Jim Bauer took.

Texas Toast Jam and a Quick Trip w/George

For this episode of ODSY Vision, we bring to you our favorite clips from the Texas Toast Jam and a quick trip with George Boyd. He lives a few hours north of Austin so we met up with him a couple days prior and filmed a handful of clips along the drive.

Thanks to everyone who flew, drove, walked and pedaled to the Texas Toast Jam. You guys helped make it a good time with plenty of fun in the sun. Hope to see everyone again next year!

For a full, comprehensive look at the Texas Toast Jam, make sure to click HERE to view all of the photo galleries and videos we have gathered of the event.

Texas Toast Jam:
Dirt Preview

Veesh from hooked us up with this quick preview of the dirt course we have over at the Texas Toast Jam. Chase Hawk, Tom Dugan, Jim Bauer, Clint Reynolds and James Nutter all get some camera loving while testing out the 8 pack.

Painting with Terry:

Photos from the filming of April’s ODSY Vision: Painting with Terry.

ODSY Vision
Bauer, setting up the camera
Overhead Camera
Terry, mid trick and checking the shot
Paint party
Terry Adams: Killer Flatlander
Bobby Carter was on the set
Terry Adams and Jim Bauer
Flatland ain't easy... especially with wet paint on your tires, shoes, pegs, pedals and the ground.
The End

Here’s a photo gallery from: ODSY VisionPainting with Terry.

Eight Quick ones for Bauer

Jim Bauer has a feature up on the iPath site. Check it out!

2010 Interbike from Ride BMX

Here’s a new video from showing off some of the stuff we brought to Interbike this year.

Jim Bauer Photo

iPath has a new website and they resurrected this wild photo of Jim Bauer jumping a chasm in Arizona. Make sure to note that he’s almost across the whole thing and he’s still fully tucked!

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Bauer Bike Check

FRAME: Sunday 3rd Wave, 21″
FORK: Director
BARS: 4/4 bar
STEM: Elementary V3
HEADSET: Short Stack
GRIPS: Adam Banton 2
TIRES: Aitken, 2.25″
RIMS: G-Sport Rollcage
HUB (F): G-Sport Marmoset
HUB (R): G-Sport Ratchet, 9t, 3/8″ Al. Axle
CHAIN: Bluebird, Prototype
SPROCKET: Burlington, 28t
CRANKS: Twombolt, LHD 175mm
SEAT: Prototype
SEAT POST: Prototype
SEAT CLAMP: Mr. Clampy

A while ago, Sunday Bikes put up a bike check with Jim Bauer and we never got around to showing off the whole bike. Here it is now with detail shots and a complete brake down of parts.

Oh and the white/tanwall Aitken Tires were prototypes at the time but they’re available now for purchase!

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X-Games 2010

X-Games 2010 is underway and park prelims just got done wrapping up. We’re psyched to announce that Chase Hawk and Gary Young both qualified for finals!

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