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Tom Blyth Edit!

Here’s a new edit from Tom Blyth (who rides for us in the UK through IMG) killing some handrails, skateparks and a handful of street spots.

Filmed by Tommy C, Dan and Joe Cox. Edited by Joe.

Tom Blyth!

Joe Cox put up this edit a few days ago of one of our UK riders, Tom Blyth. Tom may not be a fan of web videos but I’m sure any rider can at least appreciate the riding that’s going on in this one.

Odyssey’s Road to Glory

Ride to Glory

It’s official. Our UK Team, with special guest Aaron Ross and JC as TM, will be on this year’s Road to Glory! Starting next week, if you live anywhere between Bristol and Brighton, keep an eye out for these guys. The line up is looking strong and it’s pretty much a guarantee they’ll pillage and plunder whatever challenges they may encounter.

As a bonus to today’s post, click the Read More link for some Bauer clips from Woodward West!

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