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Matthias Dandois:
Japan Trip

Matthias Dandois spent some time in Japan recently. He got 4th at the King of Ground contest, put together the edit above, did a BMX shop stop tour and got on national TV. The dude knows how to get things done!

On top of all that, he also sent us some pics of him rocking the new 85 Jersey we sent him!

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Matthais wins KOG & 2011 World Circuit

Photo by Daisuke Suzuki

Photo by Daisuke Suzuki

Congrats to Matthias Dandois for winning this year’s KOG comp and solidifying a first place spot in the flatland world circuit. Watch the video above for his winning run!

Terry Adams flatland battle

Terry Adams just returned from the King of Ground contest in Tokyo Japan. He wound up getting 7th place and 5th in the World Circuit points. Above is the battle he won against Dominik Nekonly, from the Check Republic.

I was pretty stoked on the way I rode. With 56 riders in Pro flat, I felt lucky to be in the top 10.
~ Terry Adams