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At Home with Sean Sexton

Kink just uploaded a new video of Sean crushing it at House Park.

“Squash It”

Kink‘s full length Squash It video is online now and our dudes Sean, KC and Lloyd all have some serious clips in it. Remember that print ad we had of Sean doing a burly 360 tooth to drop? Well, watch his section to check out a couple angles.


We’re happy to have Kink Bikes is on board for #TexasToast2013! Thanks for supporting the jam!

KC Badger:
Bike Check

Kink has a new video bike check up with KC and as always, it’s looking slick. If you’re wondering how long his top-tube is, it’s about as long as a huge fish.

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KC Badger:
Rippin’ Lips

KC and a few buds embark on a journey through goodtimes USA and came back home with this sweet edit filled with fishing, trails, pools and concrete parks.

Video by Kink BMX.

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Sean Sexton’s Kink Commercial

Darryl over at Kink just whipped out some sweetness of Sean Sexton killing it on street. It’s a short edit but there’s definitely some good stuff in there.

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Flat Ground with Sean Sexton

Who needs ramps when you can fire out just about anything you want with a bunny hop? Kink put together this video of Sean Sexton doing just that. Jay called out the tricks and Sean executed them like a machine.

KC Badger’s Safety First

Kink just uploaded KC Badger’s Safety First section. It has everything from park to street to trails and, as always, the best x-ups in BMX. Watch it above!

KC’s V2 Promo

KC Badger has a new promo out from Kink and it’s pretty sweet. Arizona has some fun spots and KC puts it all to use.

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