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Terry Adams, mid-trick at the Twilight Contest in Athens, GA. (Photo: ScoutATL)

The title doesn’t really make much sense but whatever. Here’s a fairly hefty update from internet land and the real world. One of the big news of the weekend is Terry Adams won another flatland comp. This time it’s the Twilight Contest. Visit Global-Flat for more info. There’s a 2 minute edit of the event after the read more link.

The other recent big news is there’s a Vigilantia preview over at Things are moving and they should be available very soon. Outside of Vigilantia, Mike’s recovery is moving forward and it looks like he’s on the road to getting his full vision back! Full details over at his site.

Read more for a break down of some awesome things we found in the mags pictured above. Oh and when you’re done, check out Krt Schmidt‘s bike! All sorts of radness going on; f&r stoppies, chromies and posties. Plus, the write up he did to go along with it will get you even more stoked on riding.

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Random team updates and videos

Rider Updates!

Here are some random team updates, including a couple old video parts. From left to right (full photos and videos after the jump):

  • Jim Cielencki’s physical therapy is going much better than expected! He’s also been on a Twittering like crazy.
  • Taj Mihelich’s section in Until Monkeys Fly. He has also posted a bikeography (?) on his blog. He runs through a list of a bunch of bikes he’s had from past to present. You can check that out HERE.
  • Adam Banton has some sick, creative lines in the new Inside/Out video.
  • Chase Gouin’s video part in Happy Days has made its way online in Krt Schmidt’s blog. In case you missed it, his signature tire (Frequency G) will now be available in Tanwall!

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