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2016 Stampy Handlebar Test

As part of our mission to make the best BMX parts possible, we continue to refine the 41-Thermal® process at all stages of manufacturing. Each step in the process is held under strict scrutiny, and we continue to examine the strength and durability of all our parts.

In our previous Stampy tests, we have blown away the industry standard “EN tests” for forks and cranks, and now it’s time to take a look at handlebars. In our latest test, we have taken bars with very similar height, width, and sweep dimensions, and tried to replicate a lifetime of nose-diving into the ground and pulling up on the bars for a sprint to gain speed in a confined space.

The Stampy handlebar rig drives down on the grip sections right where your hands would be with 1000N (that is about 225 pounds of force) per side, and then pulls back up with another 1000N (225lb). It drives down at a 45 degree angle, just like you would in real life. However, unlike a real rider, the Stampy rig can do this 18,000 times per hour, for as long as it takes to break the handlebar. To get an idea of what that’s like, you can fill a backpack with bricks until you weigh 225 pounds and then attempt to do 30,000 one-arm push-ups, and 30,000 one-arm pull-ups.


As expected, when we tested our bars against our competitor’s bars that had similar geometry, we outperformed them once again. Our worst bar was 33% better than the best of the rest, and our best bar was over 400% more durable than the worst. So remember, when you are buying bars, although they may look very similar, they are not all “the same”.

When you see how hard we push to make the best parts; to make them better and better every chance we get, it is easy to understand why our legendary lifetime warranty against bending and breaking is still around 17 years after we first introduced it. And when you see the contrast between our bars and our competitors, you can also quickly see why most of their warranties have long since been quietly canceled or modified with complicated terms and conditions that usually limit the warranty to manufacturing defects alone.

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Grant Germain:
Bike Check

Photo by Jon Nemecek
TDFL Stem in Oil Slick (Limited Edition)

Tom Dugan Signature Stem
45mm or 53mm reach
7.5mm rise or 24mm when flipped
6061-T6 aluminum

Thunderbolt Cranks (175mm, LHD)

41-Thermal® lifetime replacement warranty against bending, cracking and breaking.
Available in RHD or LHD and 175 or 180mm lengths.
Weighs 1 lb. 11.8oz.

C-512 Sprocket (28T)

Chase Hawk Signature Sprocket
Available in 25t, 27t, 28t, 30t or 31t sizes
7075-T6 aluminum

Vandero 2 Front Hub

36-hole, 2014-T6 aluminum shell
17mm, 7075-T6 aluminum axle
3/8″ inbound, 4130 chromoly axle bolts

Antigram Rear Hub

36-hole, 2014-T6 aluminum shell
14mm or 3/8″ inbound axle
9-T Driver
Left or right hand drive
Compatible Hub Guard (Optional)

Hazard Lite Rims

6000 series aluminum
32mm wide x 17mm tall

R-32 Forks

25mm or 32mm offset
4mm thick dropouts
3/8 axle slot
1.95 lbs.

Twisted PC Pedals

The #1 plastic pedal on the market.

Gary Young Principal Saddle

Thick padded seat with a pivotal base. The cover is a texturized rubber for grip.

TDFL Stem in Oil Slick (Limited Edition)

Tom Dugan Signature Stem
45mm or 53mm reach
7.5mm rise or 24mm when flipped
6061-T6 aluminum

Photo by Jon Nemecek
Photo by Jon Nemecek

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Bike and portrait photos by Walter Pieringer.
Action photos by Jon Nemecek.

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