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Terry Adams in an airplane hanger

Terry Adams edit from Dan’s Comp (By Fat Tony)

Here’s another video edit of Terry Adams riding in that airplane hanger from a while ago. This one’s equipped with fancy lighting and a color-coordinated race car.

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the subscriber’s special?

Props commercial from 2004

We sent out our first newsletter last week and in it was a little link titled, “The Subscriber’s Special.” It’s a video that was hanging out in Bauer’s harddrive and we decided to bring it back to life on YouTube.

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Today is Tuesday

A few things for today. First, there’s video coverage of Red Bull’s Fight for Flight flatland jam over at the Ride website. Between shooting photos and judging the am comp, Terry was a very busy man that weekend, both on and off the jam floor. Make sure to watch that vid for some incredible links.

Second, we donated a pair of sealed, JC pedals to that pink beauty you see in the box. teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help contribute to a cause that has affected millions of women. You can help out by bidding for the bike on e-bay. The auction ends March 5th.

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Internet update

Gary Young (Photo by Pieter Possenier)

Nuno Oliveira Q&A over at ESPN

Odyssey Mailing List

The internet got updated again. I suppose it happens ever nanosecond, but who’s counting? Here are a few things to look at and click on. First, congrats to Gary Young for taking home 2nd place at this year’s Simpel Sessions. Hit up the jump to catch some clips of him in the best trick comp and in qualifying. Second, Nuno has a Q&A over at the ESPN website and third, we have a new mailing list setup. Subscribe to get news and special updates sent directly to your inbox.

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