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Albe’s Mark Filipowicz Edit!

Here’s a new edit that Flip over at Albe’s put together and has a good mix of creative lines and some burly rails.

Being part owner / team manager of Albe’s I’m normally the guy on trips that’s filming, taking photos, making sure the crew has fun or keeping them from going to jail. It’s not too often I get in front of the camera. This summer I found myself having even more fun than normal riding my bike so figured why not film some of it. Some of you that have been around for a while may know my style. I learned the other day that a lot of the younger crowd didn’t even realize I rode BMX. Ha! So if anything here is some proof that Albe’s really is a “rider owned” BMX company and that being old (I’m much older than most realize) doesn’t mean you need to slow down. thanks for watching! –flip