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Terry Adams Orlando Demo

It’s hard to keep track of all the Red Bull demos that Terry does but fortunately, there are videos that pop up here and there documenting some of it. Here’s a quick stop in Florida and he kicks the video off with a heavy link in the beginning.

In other Terry Adams related news, his wife Vanessa can be seen on the cover of BMX Plus! wearing our Mr. Wheelie shirt!

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The final shirt in our new Spring 2011 line, is the one you see here called Mr. Wheelie. If you recall our “Hairbike” shirt, than you are familiar with the work of our friend Devin Clark. Not only is he a talented illustrator, but he is also currently the producer/director on his original animated TV series called Ugly Americans, which is on Comedy Central.

Even with his busy schedule, Devin was kind enough to do up another shirt for us which we called  Mr. Wheelie (for obvious reasons) . It’s printed on a Heather Sea Foam American Apparel shirt, with black, red and white printing.

Available now through shops, mailorders and our online store.

SD Ditch Party

We went down to San Diego recently to meet up with Dirt Ron, Hoang Tran, Tom Perry and Kyle Hart. We delivered our new shirts and they delivered the goods. Watch this video to check out a chill session we had in one of San Diego’s many ditches.

These shirts are AVAILABLE NOW! To get a closer look at the shirts, hit up the flipbook and then call your local shops / mailorders to get some! If you live in the US, you can also buy it from our online store.

Spring 2011 Apparel

Available now!!!

85 Jersey
Mr. Wheelie
Round & Round
Retro Fade

Tom Perry in the Mr. Wheelie tee
Dirt Ron in the 85 Jersey and Hoang in the Teamster tee
Kyle Hart in the Retro Fade tee.
Hoang in the Round & Round tee.

Here’s our latest batch of shirts and they’re all available now! Hit up your favorite shops and mail-orders to get these new threads or, if you live in the US, you can grab ’em at our online store.

Click through the flipbook above to check them out and then make sure to watch the video that goes along with it!