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Mike Aitken Nightwolf Saddles

Mike Aitken Nightwolf Saddle

Here’s another railed saddle we have in this month. This version is of the Mike Aitken persuasion and is available in White or Sunset. They’re shipping now and will be available at your local shops very soon.

Also, don’t forget to keep checking for the latest updates on Mikey. They haven’t updated in a while but their last post is pretty good. He’s BMX Plus’s Dirt Jumper of the year!


Taj has a bikecheck up on the DIG BMX site.

New Aitken seats are in!

Speaking of Aitken, the new Nightwolf and Denim Red saddles have arrived at our warehouse, and they are looking niiiiiice.

The Nightwolf saddles are available in the two colorways shown, Grey and Blue/lavender fade. The NEW Denim version is a “reverse” black denim (opposite side of regular black denim), which looks like a light greyish and has red stiching. You may have seen it on Chase Hawk’s bike, as they were his idea.

Contact your local shop or mailorder for more info.


Aitken Nightwolf

Certain parts of the world have already received the Mike Aitken Nightwolf saddles, so keep and eye out in your local shop or mailorder.

We should be receiving our shipment of both Nightwolf saddles early next month, along with a new denim version of Mike’s seat as well.

Speaking of Aitken, check out his recent Fit ad that was featured in the latest ride. Click!