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Nitro Circus’ Sidehack

This sidehack is going on a world tour with Nitro Circus and will most likely be clocking some air time on their portable ‘mini’ mega-ramp!

FRAME: Sunday 2nd Wave x Impakt Sidehack
FORK: Director Fork
BARS: Sunday Triumph
STEM: Classic Top Load
HEADSET: Short Stack
GRIPS: Griswald
LEVER: Monolever, Medium
TIRES: Aitken, Redwall, 2.25″
RIM (F): Seven K-A
RIM (R): Hazard Lite
RIM (3rd): Seven K-A
HUB (F): G-Sport Marmoset
HUB (R): V3 Cassette, 9t
HUB (3rd): G-Sport Marmoset
SPROCKET: Burlington, 27t
CRANKS: Twombolt, 175mm
PEDALS: Twisted PC
SEAT CLAMP: Mr. Clampy Too
SEAT: Senior 2, Pivotal

We spent a day last week at one of Nitro Circus‘ training facilities and got to witness an assortment of wheeled vehicles get launched into the air. Among them was the Sunday x Impakt Sidehack shown in the flipbook above. This is Impakt’s ‘Elite’ custom sidehack and it’s more dialed than ever! Loaded with Odyssey components, this 3-wheeler is well equipped to take on the toll of Nitro Circus’ ‘mini’ mega-ramp. A couple brave souls took on the challenge and though the first attempts were kinda sketch (see the video after the jump), we’re pretty sure they’ll be ready and sticking some solid jumps come tour time.

Also, add us on Vimeo and YouTube if you’re on there. We’ll be uploading random clips there for your viewing pleasure. Case in point: Dakota Roche Clip.

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