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Terry Adams:
Perpetual Spin

Remember when Terry Adams made that giant painting? Well, this week’s TGIF is one of the final finishing touches to the piece.

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Terry Adams:
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Here’s a new wallpaper with Terry Adams. It was shot during the taping of his ODSY Vision and now you can download it to your desktop!

Painting with Terry:

Photos from the filming of April’s ODSY Vision: Painting with Terry.

ODSY Vision
Bauer, setting up the camera
Overhead Camera
Terry, mid trick and checking the shot
Paint party
Terry Adams: Killer Flatlander
Bobby Carter was on the set
Terry Adams and Jim Bauer
Flatland ain't easy... especially with wet paint on your tires, shoes, pegs, pedals and the ground.
The End

Here’s a photo gallery from: ODSY VisionPainting with Terry.

Painting with Terry

For this month’s ODSY Vision, we grabbed a handful of paint buckets and recruited Flatware‘s Terry Adams to put together a little piece of art for us. Don’t let his finesse fool you though, the technique used makes this quite possibly one of the most difficult paintings ever done. Watch and enjoy!

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