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Levan grips on a springy


Renaud, from France’s, just sent us these sweet pics. His roommate recently worked on an art show with graffiti artist, Jon One, and they ended up using Jimmy Levan grips in one of their installations. It’s a playground springy toy, sized for an adult and resembles Jon One’s tag (far left in this photo). The piece ended up being shown in the Fondation Cartier in Paris. Thanks for hooking it up Renaud! Click the link to check out more pics.

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Random Team Updates

Gary Young 360 in Thailand

The original file name read, “Jimmy’s Pizza.” (Metal BMX)

Spy photo from Terry’s most recent photo shoot…

Here are some random bits of news, photos and videos from a few of our team guys.

First up, Gary Young and Aaron Ross went to the Thailand X-Games recently and Ted from Esco (our Thailand Distributor) sent over a handful of photos to share. Hit up the read more link to see Gary’s huge 360s, turndowns and hospital visit…

Second, Jimmy Levan celebrated his 35th birthday this past weekend with some good friends and Blondie! Hit up the Metal site for more pics.

Third, Terry Adams just got back from Paris for a photo shoot with Cream Magazine. The results will be out in the April issue. Also, there’s a huge flatland event happening in Paris later this year. You can catch a video of Terry and some friends “training” for it across the pond.

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