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Colored & Clear Plegs

The latest addition to the G-Sport Pleg family are clear and translucently colored plegs. Built using a variant of the original proprietary plastic compound, these see through versions have been known to slide fast on notoriously rough surfaces and copings and rails and anything you can throw at them. These clears Plegs outperform the original compound in both the standardized drop test and the long-term riding tests. The difference is noticeable and significant.

Available with 3/8″ or 14mm steel inserts and in clear, yellow, lavender, turquoise and blue colors. These clear sleeves are compatible with the original inserts.

*Not compatible with 19mm axle nuts.

I don’t think anybody guessed Plegs at all in our new shipment post so we’ll start the unveiling with these. They’re shipping now so contact your shops and mail-orders to get your hands on a pair.

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