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Senior Pivotals:
Now Shipping!

Senior 2 Pivotals

The Senior Pivotal saddles we revealed at Interbike are now shipping! They come in black, red, brown, white and clear (plastic only). They come in plastic and padded versions, but if you decide to strip the padded version, you’ll find the plastic version inside!

You can check out the flipbook HERE for more photos.

Coming soon…

Pivotal Saddles, Glow in the Dark Pedals, Foldable Tan Walls

The Senior 2 Pivotal Saddle, Glow in the Dark Twisted PCs and foldable Tan Wall tires are coming in December.

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Senior 2 Pivotal Saddles

Same shape as the Senior 2 but with Pivotal guts. The two versions include: Padded (like railed Senior 2) and Plastic Only. No need to strip a seat of its padding to find a crappy shell. This seat was made to be a raw plastic seat from the get go. If you get the padded version, you can strip that to find the same plastic shell underneath. It’s like two seats in one.

» Black
» White
» Red
» Brown
» Clear (Plastic Only)


Sneak Peek:
Senior 2 Pivotal Saddle

Here is a sneak peek at our upcoming Senior 2 Pivotal saddles in both the plastic and padded styles. If you get the padded style and decide to strip it down the road, you end up with the black plastic seat.

» Plastic: black, clear, red, brown and white
» Padded: black, brown, red and white

Here’s a sneak peak at our Senior 2 Pivotal Saddle!