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Tom Dugan

Here is Tom Dugan’s latest ride, courtesy of

Road Fools @ Beringer’s

Beringer’s been busy these past couple of weeks tuning up his yard. Some of the new additions include a long and windy purple slide, a HUGE dirt hip/spine/quarterpipe thing and some new sheets of ply laid down to smoothen up some of the transitions.The other day, Road Fools stopped by for a little BBQ and shred fest. Watch it above!

Tom Dugan:
Props Bio

Here it is, straight from Props, the Tom Dugan bio!

Dave Thompson’s Props Bio

Dave Thompson is one of the recent additions to the GSport team and he has some wild moves up his sleeve. He has a full bio in the latest Props and this teaser will give you an idea of what to expect.

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Terry Adams Bio

Diversion TV just hooked it up with Terry Adams’ Props bio from issue 69. Watch the video to get an in-depth look into his life and history.

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Jim Bauer’s Props Bio

Diversion TV just hooked it up with Jim Bauer’s Props bio. He rides some really fun looking setups in it, pedals at huge gaps, slides big rails and rides 38 different bikes. There really isn’t more you can ask for, except for maybe a clip of him grinding a rail while walking his dog… oh wait, he does that too!

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Gary Young’s Props Bio

Props TV just uploaded Gary’s bio from Issue 65 (Summer of ’07). Watch it and prepare to have table envy.

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Thailand Trip

Diversion TV just hit us up to let us know that the Thailand trip that Gary Young, Aaron Ross, Chris Doyle and Brian Kachinsky went on a while ago for Props is online and available for viewing. Watch it above and check out Diversions for more videos afterwards.

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Taj’s Props Bio

It’s wild to think that this video is over a decade old. It dates back to 1994 to be exact and it features a very young Taj Mihelich after he had just made his move to Austin.

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Beringer’s Day in the Life!

Props just uploaded a ton of videos to their new website, Among them is Matt Beringer’s Day in the Life from issue 69! Watch part one above and part two after the jump.

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