News raffle bike


Sometimes life works in mysterious ways….

A while back when 50/50 was accepting donations to benefit Mike Aitken, we had offered up our 2008 Interbike show bike (Gold Zinc S&M L.T.F. w/ Odyssey Purple Rain parts kit) as an added bonus for people to donate. Donate 10 bucks, you might win a bike that’s worth over a $1,000.00. Simple.

As time went on, people graciously donated and names were accumulated. 50/50 then gave us a list of all those names for us to pick a winner…

From there, we entered all the names into the random number generator once for every $10 that was donated. So, if you donated 30 bucks, your name was entered 3 times, and so on…

So, low and behold, John “Superfly” Skvarla ended up being the winner. I couldn’t believe it. This is crazy because I basically grew up riding with Supes, and this would totally look shady. However, it is not, and Supes won the bike fair and square, as shown in the picture above.

Congrats to Supes, and everyone who donated so generously to Mike. Over $50,000.00 was raised for Aitken.