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Dakota Roche bike check

Dakota Roche
Bike check from Photo by Fat Tony.

Ride BMX just put a bike check up with one of our favorite riders, Dakota Roche. He’s rocking the new Cult frame and fully stocked on G-Sport and Odyssey components.

Ratchet Hub Guard review

Ratchet Hub Guard

The Daily Rotter has a review up of our Ratchet Hub guard. It’s not available in stores yet but it is on its way. Give it a few months and you’ll be able to battle Steven Seagal with confidence. Check the review for more pics and a larger version of the image above.

G-Sport George on

G-Sport Hub Guard
Watch the videos after the link and hit up for other Interbike coverage. stopped by our booth again and hit up George to talk about our new seat post and the G-Sport Ratchet hub guard. The seat post is designed to be used with both pivotal AND railed seats while the hub guard is the best companion for your Ratchet to protect it from treacherous rails and ledges.

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