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Broc Raiford Mardi Gras Ride

Broc Raiford and Red Bull teamed up on this fun Mardi Gras themed project. Hit play for the whole story and the final video, then go HERE to read more about it.

Matthias Dandois:

Matthias Dandois - BMXplore

Matthias and Viki hit up Africa. Make sure to hit up the Red Bull Bikes website for more BMXplore videos and photos.

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Grant Germain:
Red Bull Phenom Entry

Add Grant Germain to the list of dudes who should be in this year’s X Games. All the lines in his entry are fire.

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Aaron & Gary:
Red Bull’s Ramparanoia

Red Bull flew Aaron Ross, Gary Young and a handful of other riders out to Campo de Piedra Pomez in Catamarca, Argentina. It’s basically this spot that’s out in the middle of nowhere filled with natural transitions formed by volcanos. The photos and video (below) from the event look surreal.

Terry Adams in Mexico City

Terry spent some time in Mexico City recently to do a performance at the Red Bull Mini Drome event and sent us over a handful of pics from his trip!

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Matthias & Terry @ Red Bull Circle of Balance

The super bowl of flatland happened this past weekend in Japan. Terry Adams and Matthias Dandois were there to compete and enjoy the scene. Read more to check out some pics and battles from the event and click HERE to watch a rerun of Red Bull’s live broadcast!

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Mike G.:
Red Bull R.Evolution

Our homie Mike Gonzalez flew out to Germany last Friday for Red Bull’s R.Evolution race. Mike’s a trail rider at heart so you can bet he brought some steeze out on the track!

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Terry Adams:
Wal-Mart Tour

Terry Adams just sent us a few photos from the Redbull / Wal-Mart Demos we posted about a couple weeks ago. Next time he does one of these, make sure to try and make it. Each one of the bikes he gives a way is a legit Waltz frame built up with Flatware and Odyssey components.

To give you a quick run down: We basically hit four walmarts in two days doing a demo at each stop. At each location I held a twitter contest and the winner was award my signature complete Flatware Waltzbike at the end of each demo.

Thanks to RedBull, my MC Scott O’brien, Odyssey and Flatware for helping make all of this possible.

– Terry Adams

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Redbull’s Circle of Balance

The Redbull Circle of Balance website is now up. Dates have been set and the riders list has been confirmed. We are proud to announce that both Terry Adams and Matthias Dandois have both been invited to this prestigious event. It doesn’t happen every year and as Terry puts it, “It is the Super Bowl of flatland BMX contests & it is an honor to be invited.” Congrats you guys!

Matthias Dandois:
Winter in France

Matthias does a lot of creative stuff in this video and the last trick will leave you scratching your head, trying to figure out what just happened. Filmed this past winter by Hadrien Picard, the video documents Matthias’ escape from the cold winters in France and the progression of his street-flat blend of riding.

To learn more, check out this behind the scenes interview from Redbull. You can read it in French or English (loosely translated by Google).

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