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Hit play to watch Subrosa’s highlight reel from Toast this year. Simone’s G-Turn was unreal.

Hoang Tran:
GUTI Section

The folks over at Subrosa have liberated Hoang’s section from their Get used To It video. Hit play!

Kyle Hart:
Get Used To It

In case you missed Kyle’s part in Get Used To It, the Subrosa dudes have liberated it online for your viewing pleasure.

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Subrosa will be shredding with us at #TexasToast2013!!! Thank you for supporting the jam.

Hoang Tran:
Bike Check

Hoang Tran built a new bike up and Subrosa put together this video bike check, complete with fresh Hoang footage.

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Kyle Hart:
Bike Check

Check out this new bike check of Kyle Hart, Professional BMX Rider of BMX Bicycles. If you end up replaying the last clip a few times, we don’t blame you.

Hoang Tran’s Villicus Prime

Hit up Subrosa to get the full scoop on Hoang’s new frame and also check out which parts he’s running these days.

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Hoang Tran in San Francisco

Hoang Tran put together this photo collage/video from a Subrosa trip him and Kyle went on to the Bay Area. There’s over 3000 photos in this thing and Hoang did an amazing job splicing it all together.

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Hoang’s new bike

FRAME: Subrosa Villicus, 20.5″
FORK: Subrosa Alameda
BARS: Subrosa Pandora, 8.25″
STEM: Classic Front Load
HEADSET: Generic
GRIPS: Subrosa Villicus
TIRES: Aitken, 2.25″
RIM (F): Quadrant
RIM (R): Seven K-A
HUB (F): Vandero 2
HUB (R): V3 Cassette, 9t
CHAIN: Shadow
SPROCKET: Burlington 28t
CRANKS: Twombolt, 175mm
PEDALS: Twisted PC
SEAT: Subrosa

Hoang Tran built up a new bike recently and it’s looking slick. He has a lot of our Fire Engine Red parts on it (coming soon) and it’s looking great with his new signature frame. Click around the flipbook above to check it out!

Thanks to Josh Hayes for the pics!

Hoang Tran Ad

Subrosa just dropped a print ad featuring Hoang Tran and its looking sick. Above is Hoang with a Hefty hop to a huge drop.