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Taj Mihelich:
Life After Pro

Taj Mihelich is one of the best to ever do it. Please enjoy this rad piece courtesy of Ride BMX and Chris Rye.

The Taj Mihelich Interview

Taj Mihelich

If you have some time, make sure to click on over to The Albion for an incredible interview they did with Taj.

In other Taj news, check out some crazy R&D techniques he’s been utilizing over at Fairdale Bikes

Taj Mihelich:

Hit up the Albion for a wallpaper of Taj Mihelich firing out one of the first wallride to downside whips ever (shot during the filming of Etnies’ Forward).

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Taj Mihelich:
Bike Control

I can feel flashes of being completely connected with my bike and totally confident in what we could do together.


At the high points like this cover I just knew the bike and nothing was gonna’ shake me.

This is pretty much the exact opposite of how I feel whenever I ride my bike. This is also why Taj is the man and why he was capable of doing such extraordinary things. Head over to Collateral BMX and join him on a trip down memory lane.

Texas Toast Jam and a Quick Trip w/George

For this episode of ODSY Vision, we bring to you our favorite clips from the Texas Toast Jam and a quick trip with George Boyd. He lives a few hours north of Austin so we met up with him a couple days prior and filmed a handful of clips along the drive.

Thanks to everyone who flew, drove, walked and pedaled to the Texas Toast Jam. You guys helped make it a good time with plenty of fun in the sun. Hope to see everyone again next year!

For a full, comprehensive look at the Texas Toast Jam, make sure to click HERE to view all of the photo galleries and videos we have gathered of the event.

Texas Toast Jam:
Full Factory Gallery

Full Factory Distribution has their batch of photos up!

Texas Toast Jam:
Recap Gallery

Our first ever Texas Toast Jam is officially in the history books! Thanks to everyone’s support for coming out and helping make this an event to truly remember.

It's always a good time when C-Diddy is on the mic
Save the Princess, conquer the Gauntlet
Mike Aitken's rebel run instantly became the highlight of the night
LEGEND: Mat Hoffman
Tony Hawk helped keep track of the longest icepick winner
Lee Dennis keeping cool in the shade
The Gauntlet of Death!
Gary Young's 2nd successful run through the Gauntlet
Alex Johnson spinning some moves in front of the Gauntlet
Clicked turndown in the dirt
DGAF Dan is smiling huge 'cause he's about to get through the Gauntlet of Death.
Fiona and Darryl
Failure's Bearded Leap Frog Winner: Broc Raiford
Empire BMX's Curved Wallride Best Trick Winner: Gary Young
Sunday's Longest Ice Pick Challenge Winner: Matt Houck
Gauntlet of Death Champion: Scotty Cranmer
Shadow Conspiracy Rail / Grind Box Best Trick: Dan Foley
Pro Dirt Comp Winner: Gary Young

Here’s a quick recap gallery of our Texas Toast Jam. Expect videos to start surfacing later this week!

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Texas Toast Jam Video Preview!

ESPN dropped by our OTX Office to talk with Taj regarding our Texas Toast Jam (May 27-29). Watch the video to check out sneak peeks of some of the obstacles we’ve been cooking up for the Gauntlet of Death.

We’re having a ramp painting party this weekend and if you live in the Austin area and want to help sling some paint around, send Taj an e-mail:

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Texas Toast Jam

You’re definitely going to want to come to this event. Click HERE for full details.

Taj Mihelich Update

Taj Mihelich has an interview up on ESPN. He talks about what he’s been up to lately and discusses a little bit about the direction and progression of Fairdale. For those who don’t know, it began as ‘zine and quickly evolved into a new venture. Read the interview HERE and then add Taj on Facebook and Twitter.