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The Path and Mike Aitken tire are now available in Red and Blue tan walls with 2 sizes for each set.

Path Tires:

Mike Aitken Tire:
20×2.125 (Knobby)

We just got a big shipment in and inside some of the boxes were these red and blue tires! They come in Path and Mike Aitken treads and are all decorated with tanwalls. Skid through your current set and get a new pair of these to match your Rocky Balboa shorts!

They’re shipping next week so you should be able to get your hands on them very, very soon!


Spotted this bike with the new Tanwall tires over on bikeguide. Looking good!!!

Standard and Foldable Tanwalls are available now.

Frequency G Tanwalls

Frequency G

Frequency G tanwall tires are in and they’ll be shipping next week!!!

Coming soon…

Pivotal Saddles, Glow in the Dark Pedals, Foldable Tan Walls

The Senior 2 Pivotal Saddle, Glow in the Dark Twisted PCs and foldable Tan Wall tires are coming in December.

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Sittin’ on Chrome!!!

I took a look at the web today and it seems by bike is all over the place, and that’s weird. I guess this little shout out goes to the 3 pages on BG and the name mention on SPRFLS. I am going to take a minute here to answer the questions I have seen and to straighten out all of the inaccuracies that are floating around. Hope this helps.-ben

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Nuno rolling on Tanwalls


Some of you eagle-eyed the Tanwall tires in those riding pics that Jim posted from the other day, and emails/comments began.

Above is a better pic of my bike with the Tanwall tires so you can check them out. The front is a knobby Aitken, and the rear is a Path. The label on the tire is not right, so disregard that.

These Tanwall tires are being made to “look” like old school skinwalls, but are way more durable as the casings coincide with what we are offering now. Actual skinwalls wouldn’t hold up very well these days, but the Tanwalls will.

These are a few months out. More info soon.