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The 316 House

This was filmed over a three month period in Austin, Texas at the 316 (Kansas) House. It includes three of the people that live there, Tom Dugan, Jared Swafford, and Mat Houck plus two that don’t, Aaron Ross and Jabari Winters. This is just a small example of the things you would see while over there. As you can probably guess, their neighbors don’t really like them. Enjoy.

Filmed and edited by Devon Hutchins.

Empire x VClub

On Sunday, Sunday, Sunday; there’s going to be a contest put on by Empire BMX and VClub at the Ramp Ranch skatepark in Texas. We donated a bunch of stuff, so if you think you have the $kilLZ, head over there and bmx boogie.

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Austin to LA photos!

These are pictures taken during our trip back from Austin, Texas! The skatepark in the photos is Chandler in Arizona. The guy with the beard is Jim Bauer. The dog that Bauer is wrestling is Foxy Lady. The dude on the blue bike is Bobby Parker and in case you didn’t know, he loves mountains.

Here’s a batch of photos we acquired during our trip back from Austin. Some of the more notable stops along the way include riding Chandler Skatepark at sun rise and a big yellow tractor. Jim Bauer and Bobby Parker (from Full Factory) clocked in some action pics in front of the lens and so did our trusty K9 companion, Foxy Lady.

Dugan @ Ramp Ranch (SFW)

Here’s another Tom Dugan video. This one actually has riding in it, acquired from a little session over at Ramp Ranch in Texas. He boosts so high it’s unreal. Plus, he casually did just about everything in this video prior to the camera even getting pulled out of the bag. That’s including the big transfer at the end!

If you want it for your iPod, download this guy.
The track is by The Octopus Project.

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Pics en route to Texas

Truck Service
Service Light

After many truck delays, we finally made it to Austin, Texas. We stashed some stuff along the way and we’ll be continuing to do so during our stay. Keep up with our Twitter to stay updated. You don’t need to have an account, just subscribe to the feed. I snapped some pics too, so there’s a little photo dump for you after the link.

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Twitter Contest

Yep, we have another Twitter contest going on. This one’s a bit more involved though and to win, you’ll not only have to follow us on the internet, but you’ll have to step out away from the computer and into the real world as well. Starting early Friday morning, a small crew of us will be making our way to Austin, Texas with some goodies and prizes in tow. Details about our location and how to spot us will be revealed via our Twitter Account. To win, all you have to do is catch us on the road and say hello!

Going down on Austin?

Give D took a trip to Austin, Texas and sent us this edit a while ago. Featured riders in this trip include Hoang, Dang Dang, Greg, Kyle, Tom, Reed, and Hoang’s pony-tail. Click play and enjoy!