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Day 3 Highlights from Vital

Here are some Day 3 highlights from Vital BMX!

Day 2 Highlights from Vital BMX

Day 2 is a wrap and here’s a new highlight reel from Vital BMX.

Broc wins Sunday Bikes’ Highest Bunnyhop Challenge

Sunday Bikes‘ highest bunnyhop challenge went down yesterday and for the 4th year in the row, Broc still remains undefeated. Not only that, I bet he could’ve gone an extra inch or two on top of the already whopping 49″ hop.

Brought to you by Vital BMX.

Qualifying Results

Street and Dirt qualifying are done and here are the results. Finals are tomorrow!!!

Day 1 Highlights from Vital BMX

Check out some stuff you might’ve missed from Day 1 of #TexasToast2014. Brought to you by Vital BMX

ESPN Photogallery


First, LARRY EDGAR! Second, hit up ESPN for a bunch of great shots from Sandy Carson.

View the full gallery at »

Behind the Scenes


Get a behind the scenes look at this year’s ramp and dirt construction at Texas Toast. Click the Read More link to watch. Brought to you by ESPN.

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Credence “More Cowbell” Challenge

The Credence Bikes “More Cowbell” Challenge happened today and Matt Cordova took home the win with one whipped out ringer. Congrats bud!

Video Walkthrough

Join TCU on a video walk through of what we have going on this year at Texas Toast 2014. Our Gauntlet of Death is looking more treacherous than ever. Brought to you by The Come Up.

Ride BMX 2013 Recap

In anticipation of Texas Toast this weekend, Ride BMX found a bonus edit from last year that slipped through the cracks. It’s a solid recap that will get you guys plenty amped for this year’s event!