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Texas Toast 2013 was a blast! So many aspects of the contest culminated to make one incredible weekend, including a Gauntlet Of Death, awesome street course, a classic dirt setup, a ton of fun mini events and a great vibe. We even had our own DIG satellite dish sending people skywards on the street course. We were there catching what went down as well as asking Chester Blacksmith, Brian Foster, Steve Crandall, Simone Barraco, Trey Jones, Stevie Churchill, Sean Burns, Leland Thurman and Fids what their weirdest experience of the whole weekend was – needless to say we got some pretty different answers! Enjoy.

Day 2
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BOOM. Here’s Rob Wise putting the Ride BMX billboard/wallride to proper use. It’s a hefty hop to get that high from that little quarter so a smith stall to 270 out is definitely no easy feat. Hit up Ride BMX for full photographic coverage of Day 2 Qualifying Events from #TexasToast2013.