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TCU Podcast

Nuno and Jim swung by the TCU compound recently for their latest episode of TCU TV. They cover a range of things, so hit play and enjoy!

Street Finals from TCU

Watch the street finals as seen through the lens of Charlie Crumlish. There’s even some bonus Corey Walsh Gauntlet of Death action at the end!

Video Walkthrough

Join TCU on a video walk through of what we have going on this year at Texas Toast 2014. Our Gauntlet of Death is looking more treacherous than ever. Brought to you by The Come Up.

Grant Germain:
The Come Up Video

The Come Up has a fresh video up of our boy Grant. Hit play if you know what’s good for you!

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TCU Gallery

Broc Raiford

Photo from The Come Up

Remember that time when our boy Broc was firing out pegs up to hard/alleyoop/over/whatever truck drivers? He dabbed his foot a little but it was still nuts nonetheless. Head over to The Come Up for more photos.

PRO Street
TCU Video

Video from The Come Up

Here’s a video from The Come Up with more mayhem happening at the street course. Zack Gerber’s 360 was bbbbooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrs.

Eric Lichtenberger:

Last year, Eric whipped over a plane. This year, he crank slides a bullet. He also does a bunch of other awesome shit so make sure to watch this one.

Filmed & edited by John Hicks for The Come Up.

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Jared Swafford:
Double Peg to Hard 180

There’s so much subtle (and not so subtle) randomness going on in this video that had me laughing. If you want to dial in your double pegs to hard 180, Jared Swafford will teach you how in this new instructional how-to video from The Come Up.

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Broc Raiford:
How to Nose Wheelie

It’s pretty safe to say that Broc has nose-manuals on speed dial. You can take him to just about any ledge and within a handful of tries, he’ll be rolling across the whole thing on his front wheel. If you want to learn how to do this trick, you might as well learn it from one of the best. Here’s a video from The Come Up to help you out.

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Texas Toast Jam:
Photo Galleries!

There’s a ton of photo galleries popping up all over the place for this year’s Texas Toast Jam. The first one up is from The Albion. The sample above is Gary Young rolling up and over the Fly Bikes Wheel. Each time somebody went over this thing, it felt like impending doom was only a split second away. Fortunately enough, everybody who charged at it made it through unscathed.

Once you’re done looking at those, hit up Dig BMX. B&W photos always look awesome and this set is no exception.

Next up, we have a huge batch of pics from Prolly is not Probably.

While you’re on Probably is not Probably, make sure to check out Cody Nutter’s guest gallery as well!

Our distributor QBMX has a batch of photos for you to click around on as well. Click on over to check them out.

Volume Bikes has a great gallery up documenting their team’s Texas Toast experience. Above is Broc getting loose in the street contest!

The Come Up was also at Texas Toast this year and they snapped a bunch of photos too!

And last but definitely not least, hit up Ride BMX for a fresh new batch of photos from Dirt Finals!