News Travel Log – Southern California to Southern Oregon

Hoang Tran:
Taming the Dragon

For our latest TGIF, we have Hoang Tran taming a dragon with a locked in nose-manual.

As seen in Travel Log: Southern California to Southern Oregon.

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Gary Young:
Print Ad

Here’s our latest print ad featuring a beastly 270 table from Gary Young. This was filmed during the So.Cal to So.Oregon ODSY Vision. Add him on Facebook and then follow him on Twitter.

Dirt Ron:



Dirt Ron has a knack for can-cans (reverse pun intended) and he fired out his fair share during our So. Cal to So. Oregon ODSY Vision. Here’s one in the hills of Jacksonville.

Photo by the multi-talented Gary Young.

Narwhals, Narwhals

One of the highlights during our So. California to So. Oregon trip was taking a well deserved pit stop over at Lakehead-Lakeshore, located in the mountains of Northern California. With lush vegetation providing plenty of shade and water temperature comparable to a heated pool, it was a prime spot and the perfect escape from the ball-sweating summer heat. To top it off, we found a rope swing nestled atop a little drop into the lake.

Filmed during Travel Log – Southern California to Southern Oregon.

Kyle’s 8MM iPhone Edit

Kyle Hart got hurt early on during our trip up north and is still in the recovery process. To kill time, he put together this iPhone edit using the 8MM app. This edit consists of little glimpses of our trip so think of it as a little preview of what’s to come :)

Get well soon, Kyle!