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Instagram Your Antigram

Here’s an easy contest for you guys to win $75 to spend on our online store. If you own our Antigram hub, simply take a picture and post it on Instagram with the tag #ANTIGRAM.

Even though it doesn’t sound as catchy, Twitter users can Tweet their Antigrams too!

Contest ends December 31st, 2012.

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Aaron Ross Twitter Q&A

I don’t think many people know this yet, but Aaron Ross has a twitter accountProps asked you guys last week to ask him a bunch of questions through Twitter and now here’s part 1 of Aaron firing out the answers. Enjoy!

Bauer Bike Checks!

Check out both of Jim’s bikes on ESPN. Photo by Sandy Carson.

Jim Bauer has a couple bike checks up on ESPN (above). The one of the left is his Sunday Model C and the one on the right is his prototype Metal frame. Sandy Carson walks you through it and even throws in a trails pic in the end!

While you’re on the ESPN site, make sure to hit up the article about Ben Ward’s ’09 Photo Project (right). He snapped a photo a day, for a full year, complete with write-ups on each one.

And, to add to your list of things to check out this morning, Terry Adams’ Twitter contest is happening today. To win some free goods, follow him on

Terry Adams TV!

This Saturday (February 6th, 2010), you can watch a LIVE flatland session with Terry Adams in his backyard spot. The show will start at 12:00PM Pacific Standard Time and to check it out, all you have to do is go to The latest Adobe Flash Player is required to watch and a account if you want to interact and chat with him as the session goes on.

To help you remember, make sure to follow him on Twitter! He’ll be holding a contest on there very soon so you’ll even have a chance to win some goodies.

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Stashed goods!


Bdubbs, the Viking and I are on the road and heading to Austin, Texas. We brought along some goods to hand out and stash along the way. Check our Twitter page to get the latest info on where things are and where we’ll be. So far, there are three spots along our trail where we hid something. We haven’t word yet about people finding them so if you live close to these spots, head over and check!

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Twitter Contest

Yep, we have another Twitter contest going on. This one’s a bit more involved though and to win, you’ll not only have to follow us on the internet, but you’ll have to step out away from the computer and into the real world as well. Starting early Friday morning, a small crew of us will be making our way to Austin, Texas with some goodies and prizes in tow. Details about our location and how to spot us will be revealed via our Twitter Account. To win, all you have to do is catch us on the road and say hello!

new shipment!

Fluorescent Orange Shipping Container

As I type this, there’s a large fluorescent orange shipping container getting unloaded in the back. Expect photos and such after they’ve been inspected. Any guesses on what’s inside?

If you’d like to know what George is up to, you can follow him in the Twitter sphere: @gsportbmx.

Goodtimes and ninja photos

Kings Goodtimes Jam is happening this weekend!

Photos by Vincent Perraud.

A couple things for today. We’re hooking up Kings Goodtimes Jam with some goodies so make sure to swing by and partake in the festivities. It’s happening this weekend and you can call (760) 365-1078 for more info. The full flyer is after the link, along with a few photos of Mr. Terry Adams, riding in the Ninja Spin contest that happened in Monaco. Thanks to Vincent Perraud for the pics!

In other news, we reached 900 followers on our Twitter! Another 180 and we’ll be spinning like a record. Our Facebook and MySpace pages are also still growing. Add us if you haven’t done so already.

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Gary Mihelich Fiolaflip

@GaryBYoung: Follow up interview at about his recent double knee surgery.
Taj Mihelich: Wallpaper at ( Widescreen | Standard )
Eddie FiolaEddie Fiola and Jim Bauer: First duo hackflip attempt, after the internet launching device.

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OS pics, Hoffman, Casper, I<3MJ and more

Random assortment of goodies on our Twitpic.

Aside from constantly pushing and progressing the design and development of Odyssey products, Chris Cotsonas also does a terrific job of keeping our Twitter page up to date. You may already be familiar with our Flickr Stream and Flickr Group but what you may not know about, unless you’re already following us, is our Twitpic. It doesn’t get updated every nanosecond but the stuff that’s on there is enough to freeze time and sometimes even take you back a couple decades.