News Unbelievably Extravagant Urban Gorilla Thrash Tour

We have a winner!

Actually, we have a couple winners. One chimed in via Twitter and another via E-mail. The brand that toured under the name “Unbelievably Extravagant Urban Gorilla Thrash Tour” is Life’s a Beach / Bad Boy Club in 89-90 and featured riders like Brian Blyther, Craig Campbell & Eddie Roman. I tried digging up some relevant visuals but all I was able to find was the video above from a New Zealand tv show that has some of the riders from the LAB team.

Chris is on the road at the moment so prizes will be picked on Monday. In the mean time, keep checking our Twitter (RSS). It gets updated more often than one full rotation of the Earth.

Want to win something?!

Unbelievably Extravagant Urban Gorilla Thrash Tour? What brand toured under this name? Let me know and you’ll win something. Not sure what. – CC

This was posted on our Twitter page not too long ago and we’re still waiting for a winner. For the last contest we did on Twitter, we gave out Ribcages and Tanwall tires. We still have no idea what the prize will be on this one but Chris mentioned it’ll be something unique.

Post your answers on Twitter or email them to us at:

UPDATE: By the way, the winner will need to be the first person to either post on Twitter, OR respond to the e-mail address listed above. Save your answers!!
UPDATE #2: The contest is over. The above e-mail address is now dead.