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3/8 Axle for the Ratchet Hub

Ratchet Hub

You may have noticed on Adam Banton’s last bike check that he has a 3/8″ axle listed for his Ratchet hub and JC has one on his bike too. These aluminum axle kits are available now and come with spacers which helps fit the hub to most 14mm dropouts. If you’re looking to shave some weight or maybe even just clean up the look of your bike with our Volcano Bolts, this kit would be a great upgrade for your Ratchet. Hit up the mail-orders or your local bike shop to get your bike on one.

Show Bike:
Fire Engine Red

Here’s our show bike featuring all of our new Fire Engine Red parts including our new Burlington Sprocket, a new version of Adam Banton’s grips and a prototype seatpost that can be used with Pivotal or Railed seats.

FRAME: Sunday Model D
FORK: Director
HEADSET: Odyssey Short Stack
STEM: Classic Front Load
BAR: Gary Young bar
BAR-ENDS: Par Ends
GRIP: Adam Banton grip 2
HUB (F): G-Sport Marmoset w/Volcano Bolts
HUB (R): Ratchet Hub w/Volcano Bolts
TIRES: Aitken, Red Tanwalls
RIMS: Seven KA
SPROCKET: Burlington
PEDALS: Trailmix
SEAT CLAMP: Mr. Clampy Too
SEAT POST: Prototype, Compatible with Railed and Pivotal Seats
SEAT: Senior 2, Pivotal
BRAKE: Evo 2
BRAKE PADS: Slim by Fours, Clear
CABLE: Linear Slic Kable, Gold Mesh
LEVER: Monolever, Medium

We have a couple show bikes lingering around our booth and one of them is completely decked out in the Fire Engine Red parts kit we posted a couple days ago. Aside from having the full kit, this bike also has our prototype seat post, which works for both pivotal and railed seats.

Volcano Bolts!!

Another three post frenzy… you lucky lucky people…
Don’t worry these bolts aren’t really volcanos… or are they?!?!?

No. they arent…

What they are are smooth low profile bolts for the Marmoset and Monkey hubs if you aren’t planning on using pegs.
6mm allen key sockets, slightly shorter than regular bolts to save that all important weight (about half an ounce per bolt) and with a big head to allow use in 14mm dropouts (with a suitable converter).

Sold as singles.

Should be available early in 2007.