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White and Purple Rain

If you’re looking for some white forks to match up with those white Seven KAs we posted yesterday, you’re in luck. We just got a batch of white Director Forks and more purple rain.

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Fluorescent Pink, White and Gold

New 36 hole rims in stock! Hit up our catalog for cross sections.

We have two new color options available for our Hazard Lites and the Seven KA rim now comes in white. Both clock in at 17mm tall and Hazard Lites have a width of 32mm, while the Seven KAs are 34mm. The Seven KAs are built using 7000 series aluminum so they’re a little bit lighter in comparison. Both, however, are two of the lightest and strongest rims you can find and can’t go wrong with either one.

These rims are painted so they’re more suited for brakeless riders. The gold ones are available in 24″ versions. Contact your local shops or mail orders to lace up a pair!

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Colored spokes are in

Colored Spokes

Colored spokes are in and should be available within a few weeks at your local bike shop.