New Seven K-A

Seven K-A rims are shipping to distributors this week.

The Seven K-A is the replacement for the original Seven K. This rim is made from genuine 7005 aluminum and features inner wall supports for greater reliability.

The Seven K-A is everything the original rim would’ve been,
had the manufacturer stuck to the specifications that were contractually agreed upon. Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan in mass-production, so we’ve been forced to deal with a series of processing inconsistencies that were beyond our control.

The new, and greatly improved Seven-K-A is available in 48 Hole now, in Hard-Anodized Black or Chrome. 36 Hole will be available at a later date.

Anyone who is not satisfied with the original Seven K rim can exchange it for the newer, improved version, Seven K-A. Only 48 is available now.
Contact Odyssey(NUNO) for warranty information.