It was the normal crazyness that is the X games. Kind of lame showings from some of the “top” guys, but still interesting none the less. Congratulations to Gary and Mike for riding awesome(like always). Gary had different lines than anyone else, and rode really fast(did I need to tell you that?). Mike would have won gold in the highest air/best style event, if there was one(again, did I need to tell you that?) If I am not mistaken, I think Gary and Mike were the only ones doing tricks off the Ski Jump take off in dirt(tailwhip/360 respectively). But you all saw this LIVE on espn, or ABC, or something. If you didn’t, it will be replayed till next year.

Gary Young: Park 4th place, Dirt 4th place.
Mike Aitken: Dirt 6th place.

The best thing about the Xgames is the parties. Taj is the Best! Taj H. that is.

Liz(camera shy) Jim, Julie

Jim, TAJ!, Mike, Adam, Buddendeck, Mike Vincent

Jim and Adam hanging with Paris Hilton(camera shy)

Gary and Sarah

Shannon Elizabeth Rides BMX.