KC bike check

pete radivos #1 fan-stop harrassing me

frame– Kink Freebird 21″
fork– Odyssey Urban Camo Race(w/some custom purple)
bars– S&M Slam(purple)
stem– Elementary
headset– DiaCompe
levers– Monolever Medium
saddle– Odyssey JR saddle
seatpost– G.I. Post
clamp– Kink
rims– Odyssey Hazard lites 36 hole
hubs– Odyssey Vandero front. Odyssey Race Cassette rear
sprocket– 30T Kink featherweight
cranks– Odyssey 41 thermal cranks
chain– generic
pedals– Odyssey Jim C. signature Urban Camo
brakes– Odyssey Evolver
tires– Odyssey 2.12 Dirt Path (F) 1.85 Path (R)
pegs– no pegs
cable– Odyssey Linear Slic
grips– Rob Tibbs
barend– Kink Light

The bars were Adam Bakers and were in the X games.. sooo.. im pretty sure they know how to do tricks. Bars were cut an inch on both sides

Seat post was cut all the way down

All custom painted.