G-Sport GlandThe first of the G-Sport products will be arriving in a few weeks.
The popular and effective G.L.A.N.D guard will be our first offering of the line.

Those of you who might not be familiar with the G.L.A.N.D., it is a hub guard/spoke protector made from a durable polymer that is guaranteed for life against breaking. The G.L.A.N.D will protect your wheels and smooth your grinds.

The G.L.A.N.D’s will be available by early to mid May in most areas.

Shops who are interested, please contact the folowing distributors:

Seattle bike supply (usa)
Blackout (usa)
Quality bicycle products (usa)
Custom cycle (usa)

Ryder (canada)
Padded cell (England)
BMX international (Australia)
Sport Import (Germany)
Empire cycle supply (S. Africa)
Motocross International (japan)