Twenty BMX

We got a sneak peak at next months premier issue of Twenty BMX magazine, so I figured you guys might want to see it.

The first issue of Twenty BMX Mag is beginning to ship, and will be on
newsstands on April 1st.

This mag will cover all aspects of BMX: race, street, dirt, ramp, and flat.

Everyone seems to want to know what percentage of coverage will be assigned to each discipline; all we can say is that, that is impossible to predict. We’ll do our best to provide equal coverage, but the bottom line is that whatever notable happened that month in BMX will do more to dictate what ends up in the magazine.

The editorial staff at Twenty is open to all things BMX, and feel that’s the way riders should be, so the mag will reflect that. If you’re a strict, judgmental tightwad, you’ll find a way to dislike it, just like everything else. If you’re open-minded and down to have fun on your bike, hopefully you’ll support it. Thanks.

-Kevin McAvoy and Justin Kosman, Twenty BMX Mag